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My question to this forum is a simple one.  Is there a toxicologist in
the house?  If not, who can suggest the best news group to which to
address the following question?

197 pound man takes 50 milligram dose of trazadone less than 24 hours
prior to his death.  What are the chances that the standard test for
anti-depressants in the blood would not detect that trazadone?  Are
there important other relevant variables that we need to plug in such
as how much he might have eaten, drunk, exercised, sweated, etc.?

Someone not too familiar with the Foster case has written me
suggesting that the test on Foster's blood would be better evidence of
his having taken that trazadone prescription on the night of July 19,
'93, than the record of long distance phone calls to the doctor in
Little Rock and then from the doctor to the pharmacy in Georgetown.

Under normal circumstances it certainly would be, but we know that the
state examiner working with the autopsy doctor found no drugs in
Foster's blood even though one of the tests he performed was for
anti-depressants. The FBI lab working for Robert Fiske, however,
claims to have found traces of trazadone and some tranquilizers.

London Telegraph reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard called the Virginia
toxicologist who performed the first test, Dr. Anh N. Huynh at
703-764-4600, and asked him how he might have missed the drugs.  He
responded that the amount was simply too small.

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