Dioxin Responsive Element (DRE)

David R Bell david.bell at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Oct 21 12:29:00 EST 1997

This story isn't simple.
Iunderstand that the story from several transgenic mice studies is that when
you put a DRE driving a promoter and reporter gene into mice, reporter gene
expression shows tissue- and developmental variation between mice, and is not
what you would necessarily expect. This is reminiscent of the classic studies
by Grosveld (and others) who demonstrated that globin is in a "locus control
region", where distant DNA elements regulate proximal enhancers.

I believe Roly Wolf and Sandra Campbell have a CYP1A1 transgenic with a
massive amount of 5' sequence which shows highly regulated and consistent
expression. I think this is published.

Thus the ability of a DRE to regulate a promoter is almost certain to be
under the regulation of yet other DNA elements.
david bell

On 23 Sep 1997 08:42:45 -0700, Chuck Miller wrote:
:>:>Jeff Pitt <japitt at thor.herl.epa.gov> wrote
:>:>>Does anyone know how far upstream, in a gene's promotor region, a dioxin
:>:>>responsive element (DRE) can be and be functional? Or does the DRE need
:>:>>to be near other promotor and enhancer regions?

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