Italian Toxicology Forum

Fabrizio La Mura MC5132 at mclink.it
Tue Oct 28 01:45:11 EST 1997


the "Forum Tossicologico Italiano" (Italian Toxicology Forum)
just went to beta version: the URL is:


We're still testing the scripts, so be patient if the
interface is still a bit ugly. 

Remember to press the "RELOAD" button of your browser
in case you don't see a message you posted one second before..!

There is a "Search" function (Cerca), since only the newest
messages are shown on the page. So, the proper way to use the
forum should be:

- enter the forum
- look at the messages ("Leggi i messaggi del forum") already
- press the search (Cerca) button in order to see if someone
else posted something you are interested in
- then, add a new message or reply to an old one


Fabrizio La Mura
- flamura at mclink.it
- http://www.tin.it/anriucsc/cav - PCC of the Catholic University
of Rome
- http://www.eapcct.org - European Association of Poison Centres
and Clinical Toxicologists (new site, please have a look and
let me know, thank you
- http://fabrizio.home.ml.org

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