Toxicologist Salary Survey?

Daniel dash33 at nr.infi.net
Fri Oct 31 14:19:53 EST 1997

On 1 Nov 1997 02:15:07 GMT, am879 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Lawrence Segal)

>Does anyone know of a database of salary data for toxicologists?  If so,
>is it accessible over the web?  Does anyone have fairly recent info on
>Senior Toxicologist (PhD) salary levels or ranges in Industry?  
>Lawrence Segal
>Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

The American College of Toxicology periodically publishes the results
of a mail-in survey of toxicologists' salaries.  [Every 2-5 years or
so? Shayne Gad is/was author.]  The ranges vary by industry and
region, as would be expected.  Higher in Northeast and West coast USA
pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies higher than consumer
products companies.  As I recall, the ranges for Sr. Toxicologist
(7+years post-Ph.D.) from the last ACT survey were something like $70
- 80,000 US.


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