MTBE : State imposed carcinogen and neurotoxin in our gas !

Justin Flude justinf at xara.com
Wed Sep 17 10:33:50 EST 1997

Howard Olson <holson at california.com> wrote in article
<341ff305.3095847 at seashell.california.com>...
> 	The State fashions itself as our "protector" from pollution.
> Yet in the name of "efficiency" and opposition to pollution a new
> additive , methyl t-butyl ether (MTBE) is imposed on our environemt
> through our gasoline.MTBE is now known to have both carcinogenic and
> neurotoxicological effects in mammals.

Does the state put chemicals in gasoline, or is that the work of gasoline

> 	The time has come to expose the blatant disregard for public
> well-being that MTBE represents and call for the impeachment or defeat
> of any politician who supports it. This is an excellent opportunity
> for libertarians to expose the hypocrisy  and malevolence of statism!
> The government viciously and stubbornly refuses to acknowledge its
> mistake and continues to pollute our bodies to coverup their
> incompetence.

What is your solution to this pollution problem?  Perhaps asking the state
to ban the pollutant?

> 		H R Olson, MA
> 		Bioethicist

What's a bioethicist get up to, then?  I've not come across one before.


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