MTBE : State imposed carcinogen and neurotoxin in gas !

Tom McCloud McCloud at dtpax2.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Sep 18 15:46:45 EST 1997

Howard Olson wrote:
>         The State fashions itself as our "protector" from pollution.
> Yet in the name of "efficiency" and opposition to pollution a new
> additive , methyl t-butyl ether (MTBE) is imposed on our environemt
> through our gasoline.MTBE is now known to have both carcinogenic and
> neurotoxicological effects in mammals.

This has got to be flame bait, right?     MTBE is a relatively innocuous
organic solvent compared to many.  The current MSD does not list it as
either a carcinogen or a neurotoxin.  If you have new data, I'd suggest
citing it in your post, and in addition, lets have comparison data to
the toxicity of, say, isooctane, or other normal constituents of
gasoline.  Please indicate the intended benefit for which MTBE is being
added.  For example, is it supposed to be an octane enhancer, like
benzene or tetraethyl lead?   If we had the data we could perhaps
determine if a less toxic additive is supplanting a more toxic one.  
We're willing to consider the facts, when presented.    Tom McCloud

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