Question About HCN Poisoning

Daniel Keren dkeren at world.std.com
Sat Sep 20 12:54:21 EST 1997

I would be grateful for a reply to a question which came up during a
debate on so-called "Holocaust revisionism".

In August 1943, a group of 80 people were murdered with HCN gas in the
Nazi concentration camp at Natzweiler. This was done as part of the
"medical experiments" by SS Dr. August Hirt. The corpses were kept for
some reason, and discovered (most of them dissected) in 1945. I do not
know exactly how the corpses were preserved, but photographs taken at the
camp after its liberation indicate that they were in a vat which contains 
some fluid (the photographs can be seen in http://www.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi/
camps/natzweiler/images/MedExp03.jpg; however they are rather difficult 
to watch).

Here and there, the question arises whether it would have been possible
to detect (with 1945 technology) the cyanide residues in the corpses,
more than a year after the gassing took place. I understand that a very
small amount of HCN is lethal.

Also, I was wondering if there are any other pathological findings that 
would suggest that HCN poisoning was the cause of death. 


-Danny Keren.

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