'Acceptable' levels of toxins

Wendy Joint wendy.joint at virgin.net
Tue Sep 23 17:18:52 EST 1997

My husband is carrying various toxins in his blood seum
(chromatography). Some were said to be within 'acceptable' levels and
others gave some cause for concern. Can anyone tell me where I can
find information about the currently perceived 'acceptable' levels of
the following toxic chemicals. 

Also, could anyone hazard a guess as to whether it would be possible
to pick up toxins at these sort of levels purely from food or vitamin
supplements such as cod liver oil. I have given the levels he is said
to be carrying in micrograms/litre.

Lindane 		7.9
DDT			4.4
HCB			5.7
Mirex			1.2
Toxaphene		3.4
PCBs			0.8
Pentachlorophenol	2.7
Cararyl (Sevin)		1.9

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