**HELP: How effective is pheromone??????

Michael Corbett mdcorbett at tconl.com
Fri Aug 7 17:57:43 EST 1998

Dear Sir:

I hate to suggest this experiment, but try going without bathing !!  I
am a chemist who is very familiar with how chemicals behave, so I feel
confident in proposing that IF pheromones can work on humans, THEN
frequent bathing, an unnatural ,yet common activity of the human
species, is likely to 'screw this up' by washing-away of the chemicals
responsible for elicitation of the response (i.e. some sort of sexual
interest).  Afterall, it is generally assummed that French and Italian
men are more attractive than American and British, the latter two
societies being noted for 'personal cleanliness'.

Perhaps B.O. is the answer for the sexually-frustrated!!

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