**HELP: How effective is pheromone??????

Pyrodream pyrodream at aol.com
Thu Aug 6 23:17:48 EST 1998

To whom it may concern,

   I'm sorry if this may be out of the topic but I'm hoping some expert out
there might know.  
   I've been hearing so much about pheromones now but I'd like an expert
opinion about it.  IS THIS FOR REAL or just exagerated hype????
  From all the ads I've read, I know that this is suppose to be a type of
natural human hormone that is responsible for attracting the opposite sex. 
I've read that there  are supposedly receptors within our noses that pick up
these hormones which triggers a subconscious reaction to be attracted to
whoever is producing the hormone.
   It sounded very interesting so me and a friend decided to try one of the ads
for the hell of it.  Unfortunately, we  never saw any dramatic effects,
contrary to what the ad promised. Later I read that the hormones are only
effective on females when they're ovulating.  Sometimes I wonder that maybe
this product is fake which really does nothing but boost psychological
  Is this then for real or just hype???  How effective is it???  Why didn't it
work??? Was mine fake???  If such is the case, where can I get the most
effective product and how much?  What exactly happens???

   Just wondering


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