**HELP: How effective is pheromone??????

SPY4MD spy4md at aol.com
Sat Aug 8 04:11:16 EST 1998

Smell is the greatest sense in the body.Smell goes directly to the limbic
system in bypasses all clepts theres no synapse's for it to go
through.Pheromones is what animals detect whenever another is ovolutating.It is
a proven theory that when released it greatly increases the libido of the
opposite sex. One co in the states has claimed to been able to idenity
it,capture it,and bottle it. The science and psychology stand behind pheromones
they work.All you have to do is watch the discovery channel for a few minutes
to see pheromones in action. BUT for anyone to make the claim they have
captured it and bottled it is absurd,Im not saying it isnt possible
but I highly doubt we have advance this far yet. STAY away from those products
that seem to good to be real.

Samuel Cialini M.D.

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