Markers in cloning vectors

np31kh np31kh at mail.telepac.pt
Mon Dec 7 10:00:34 EST 1998

I'm doing a work about the types of markers that are used in genetic
engineering, trying hardly to come out with a solution. You see, i'm going
to emphasis on how the microrganisms have become more resistant to
antibiotics, and try to give solutions for that. The main objective of my
work is to find out an answer to the R factor plasmids, a solution. I've
tought of metabolic plasmids, the toluene metabolic plasmids, but to that
I've step up with a problem:
-The marker is too big for any kind of transformation (117 kbp, in compare
to the 2.69 kbp of the puc 18, for example).

So, if anybody can help me find some other kind of markers, metabolic or
not, I would be gratefull. 

Thanks in advance!

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