Mercury in erythrocytes

LMLELYVELD lmlelyveld at aol.com
Tue Dec 8 18:09:28 EST 1998

Hi Sean,

I have recently been diagnosed with 3 x the normal mercury levels accepted. I
currently have a reading of 44. My only contact with mercury was when I was an
eleven year old at school, I broke a laboratory thermometer in my mouth. When
my teacher came into the class immediately after this, I swalled the glass and
mercury together. I did cut my mouth. Now, 23 years later, I have developed
lesions in my arm and leg. Large amounts of mercury have been removed. My
Consultant says that the mercury must have been put into my leg and arm,
perhaps self-inflicted. This has taken me totally by surprise as I am not into
self-damage and I certainly do not mainline mercury, nor anything else. During
the last 4 years I have suffered with many symptoms of mercury poisoning, can
you shed any light on this mystery.

Thanks for your time.

Lionel Lelyveld - Maidenhead, UK

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