Mercury in erythrocytes

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Wed Dec 9 02:23:34 EST 1998

Hello Lionel,

I'm no expert on mercury poisoning, just a layman who is looking for
answers too. Apparently the gold standard for seeing how much mercury
(Hg) is in your body is the DMPS (Dimaval) challenge test. DMPS is a
chelation agent that binds to the mercury in your body and allows it
to be excreted. The challenge test involves giving a urine sample,
then taking the DMPS, and then collecting your urine again for the
next 6 hours. The 'before and after' levels in the urine give an idea
of the body's Hg load.

You can get mercury from a number of sources, including seafood and
amalgam fillings.

Is your doctor giving you a chelation agent to help remove the Hg? I
know it  takes a long time for the Hg to leave your system, so be
patient. You might try finding a doc in the UK who is an expert in
heavy metal poisoning. There will certainly be some around and that
expertise will make a big difference in determing your Hg levels,
where it is coming from, and how to get rid of it.

-Good luck! , Sean

On 8 Dec 1998 23:09:28 GMT, lmlelyveld at aol.com (LMLELYVELD) wrote:

>Hi Sean,
>I have recently been diagnosed with 3 x the normal mercury levels accepted. I
>currently have a reading of 44. My only contact with mercury was when I was an
>eleven year old at school, I broke a laboratory thermometer in my mouth. When
>my teacher came into the class immediately after this, I swalled the glass and
>mercury together. I did cut my mouth. Now, 23 years later, I have developed
>lesions in my arm and leg. Large amounts of mercury have been removed. My
>Consultant says that the mercury must have been put into my leg and arm,
>perhaps self-inflicted. This has taken me totally by surprise as I am not into
>self-damage and I certainly do not mainline mercury, nor anything else. During
>the last 4 years I have suffered with many symptoms of mercury poisoning, can
>you shed any light on this mystery.
>Thanks for your time.
>Lionel Lelyveld - Maidenhead, UK

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