Tox Grad looking for work

Dan dash33 at nr.infi.net
Mon Dec 14 22:27:11 EST 1998

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:00:25 -0800, "IBM Oracle Guy"
<cstill at storm.ca> wrote:

>My brother will be graduating from the University of Guelph in a couple of
>months with a BSc with a major in Toxicology, and I am helping him look for
>work.  How does one go about obtaining a job in the Toxicology field upon
If he's interested in working in the U.S. he might check out the
Society of Toxicology's placement service.  He can submit his c.v.
for consideration as a job candidate or check out postings of open
jobs.  The S.O.T. has a website for more info.


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