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Octavio Pereira okarrassa at mail.telepac.pt
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Chris Evelo wrote:

> LD50 values are not physical constants. Differences in reported values
> like you describe are quite common. Standardisation of test conditions
> (animal strains, houding, climate, food etc.) can improve this
> somewhat.
> The practical consequence is that any LD50 only gives an impression of
> acute toxicity. You need not be interested in the exact LD50 for a
> specific mice or rat strain under specific conditions. After all you
> do
> not want to create the savest world for mice, do you?
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Thank you very much for your kind reply!
However the variations you appointed related with experiment conditions
are a bit too much significant to be ignored in my experiment. I guess i
did not explain myself correctly: The purpose is to evaluate if
phenobarbital (as you certainly know, a barbituric with hepatic
metabolism stimulating properties, especially over the P450 citochrome)
modulates or not the acute toxic properties of monensin. Do do such a
thing i've got to have the most accurate figures of LD50 as possible
because if i don't i may perish upon giving to the mice such an high
dose that there'll be no hepatic metabolism whatsoever that may save
them! As you see my preoccupation is not at all, in ultimate analysis,
the making of a better world for mice... :-)
Anyway  i thank you very much again for your swift and friendly answer!
Best regards

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