Carbon Tetrachlorid Alternative Technologies

Harold Lindaberry harlind at epix.net
Fri Feb 13 18:47:09 EST 1998

I know it was a good widely used solvent used extensively especially in the
the dry cleaning industry and other areas where solvency of greases, fats
etc. were required until it came under fire from the EPA as a cancer former,
it has long been know to cause liver damage. It is an extremely persistent
material. I feel if your plan is to save the ozone layer by using carbon tet
as a solution to the problem all I can say is LOTS OF LUCK. I predict that
you know what will hit the fan and it rimes with HIT.

Harold Lindaberry

Arbely Eyal wrote:

> In ordr to build an ODS (Ozone-Dpleting Substance) phase-out programe in
> Israel, I'm looking for any information about alternative technology for
> the use of carbon tetrachlorid.
> Any kind of information will be helpful:
> WWW sites, E-Mail of people who are dealing with this subject, articles,
> books, abstracts etc.
> thank you very much
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