Carbon Tetrachlorid Alternative Technologies

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Sun Feb 15 10:27:48 EST 1998

Arbely Eyal wrote:
> In ordr to build an ODS (Ozone-Dpleting Substance) phase-out programe in 
> Israel, I'm looking for any information about alternative technology for 
> the use of carbon tetrachlorid. 
> Any kind of information will be helpful:
> WWW sites, E-Mail of people who are dealing with this subject, articles,
> books, abstracts etc.

Why?  The Ozone Hole is a Leftist political incursion of the Third World
upon the First in the names of apochryphal slight, imposed guilt,
demanded compassion, patent churning, and pure political corruption. 
The major body of data relating to whole thickness stratospheric ozone
depth from the International Geophysical Year forward has been declared
"corrected," as the original body of data - collected by various
unconnected modalities by various unconnected research groups - was
singularly heir and victim (VICTIM!) to uniform error 180 degrees in the
wrong direction of ongoing cheap propagandistic swill.  If you seek
truth, follow the money.

It would be refreshing for Eretz Yisroel to get up on its hind legs and
declare to the world that this Emperor is naked.  One clear voice in the
wilderness will outweigh 200 nations' maunderings.  After all, the
vultures are Officially fragile and endangered species.  Stomp on them.

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