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See if there's anything on the Society of Toxicology site.
  If not, e-mail them a request for printed materials on the subject.
There are several organizations of medical and scientific persons who
seek to present the other side of the issue, but they certainly aren't
as vocal , well-funded, and net-savvy as the organizations against
animal testing.
I haven't got these organizations' info at hand- hopefully the SOT
site will list them.
I am cross posting this to a toxicology newsgroup in an attempt to
help you find the balance you seek;  several of the other groups
you've posted to are likely dominated by the 'animal rights' point of
view . 

On Sun, 15 Feb 1998 23:13:04 -0500, AylaBlue <rnmiller at iquest.net>

>Hi-I'm currently researching the topic of  animal testing for my
>journalism class. I want to present all sides on the issue of animal
>testing, and while I have found many people and sites against animal
>testing, I can't seem to find any for people who are for animal testing.
>I know many believe animal testing is a good for finding human cures,
>but I can't find sites or people to interview. I welcome any sites you
>may know of, and I would like to speak with someone who does believe
>animal testing is good in some cases; i.e. doctors, etc.
>Thanks so much,

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