Carbon Tetrachlorid Alternative Technologies

Robbie&Laura Reynolds robbie at kcxnet.com
Sun Feb 15 22:37:10 EST 1998

>  The Ozone Hole is a Leftist political incursion of the Third World
> > upon the First in the names of apochryphal slight, imposed guilt,
> > demanded compassion, patent churning, and pure political corruption.
> > The major body of data relating to whole thickness stratospheric ozone
> > depth from the International Geophysical Year forward has been declared
> > "corrected," as the original body of data - collected by various
> > unconnected modalities by various unconnected research groups - was
> > singularly heir and victim (VICTIM!) to uniform error 180 degrees in the
> > wrong direction of ongoing cheap propagandistic swill.  If you seek
> > truth, follow the money.

Easy for you to say.

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