What can you do with a BS in Biology?

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Sun Feb 15 19:18:22 EST 1998

I am currently a grad student in toxicology at UNC. My BS is in chemistry from
Berkeley. I too decided that I would study what I liked as an undergraduate and
work from there - and look where I am.

Let me be honest - with a BS, your girlfriend will not be teaching much...even
at a community college they usually want at least a masters degree...she could
teach high school but then she would need to take the proper education classes
in college and take the CBEST and become certified.

In industry or academic settings, she could become a research associate. This
means running experiments that people like me (ie with higher degrees) decide
they need done. There would be little room for creativity in most cases, but
merely doing the grunt work. Occasionally, with the right investigator in the
right setting, there is room for someone to plan their own experiments, again
based on the research priorities of the lab.  

My suggestion to your girlfriend is to go ahead and study bio, if she is truly
and purely interested in the science...it is important to like what you learn!
Then during her summers, she should get internships in different places (I
could suggest several places that pay for everything for the right student),
and see what she is interested in.

I hope this was helpful. Please have her email me if she has more types of
questions. I am genuinely interested in seeing young women pursue science
careers, and would love to have a dialogue with her, if she so desires. There
is a group of women scientists that have formed a national organization called
the Association for Women in Science. She should look them up, find the local
chapter at some local university (or the university she is interested in
attending) and find a mentor. Often times, there are people looking for interns
as well.  

Please email me if you or she would like further discussion.

Have a nice day!
Special2 at aol.com
Special2 at aol.com

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