***Bioremediation Resource***

I. Richard Schaffner, Jr. rschaffner at gza.com
Mon Feb 23 15:19:38 EST 1998

***Bioremediation Resource***

(Please forward this invitation to colleagues concerned with remediation
environmental contaminants.  I apologize if you have previously received
this invitation).

Environmental Scientist/Engineer,

GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (GZA, http://www.gza.net) hosts the
Bioremediation Discussion Group (BioGroup, http://biogroup.gzea.com) on
Internet, which consists of a moderated mailing list serving around
members worldwide, including environmental consultants, regulators,
researchers, and industry representatives. The BioGroup was developed to
a global forum for discussion of intrinsic bioremediation (natural
attenuation) and enhanced bioremediation.  It is our hope that this
provides a medium to transfer technology, standardize biotreatability
protocol, and advance the science/engineering of bioremediation.  GZA
recognizes that bioremediation is not a panacea for soil/groundwater
contamination; however, we believe it to be an under-utilized remedial 
technology, limitations notwithstanding.

The forum was developed to be a springboard for the pursuit of
approaches to bioremediation.  Because success of the BioGroup is a
function of member participation, GZA invites anyone with
experience/interest in bioremediation to join.  Due to the complex
biogeochemical processes that control contaminant transformation, we
welcome input from environmental engineers, hydrogeologists, soil
scientists, microbiologists, environmental chemists, and all who wish to
contribute to this important topic.

Postings are archived as a collaborative effort of the University of
(Environmental Biology Department), the National Water Research
(Environment Canada), and GZA.  The archive URL is

To join the BioGroup, please visit http://biogroup.gzea.com, select
"Membership Info", and follow the directions therein.  Members select
whether to participate in a non-digest mode (i.e., receive each message
the time it is accepted) or a digest mode (i.e., receive one message
day summarizing all the postings of that day).  ***There is no

Please direct any questions about the BioGroup to my attention.


I. Richard Schaffner, Jr., P.G. 
Technical Specialist, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (http://www.gza.net)
Moderator, Bioremediation Discussion Group (http://biogroup.gzea.com)
E-mail:	rschaffner at gza.com
Phone:	603.623.3600
Fax:	603.624.9463

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