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There is an enoumous literature base on the application of dose-response
data to the understanding of toxicologic mechanism, the extrapolation of
toxicologic risk across exposure paradigms and species, and the
of sources of toxicologic risk. Good references include:

Jarabek, A.M. (1995). "The application of dosimetry models to identify
processes and parameters for default dose-response assessment
Toxicol. Lett. 79:171-184. 

"Science and Judgement in Risk Assessment" by the Committee on Risk
Assessment of Hazardous Air Pollutants of the US National Research
[ISBN 0-309-04894-X].

There are many, many more...

Sonia Sanchez-Galan wrote:
> I would like to know opinions about the relevance of dose-response
> experiments in toxicology. What information do they provide? What are they
> useful to?
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