Solid phase extraction

CDennis at cascostandards.com CDennis at cascostandards.com
Wed Jan 7 08:41:40 EST 1998

I'm looking for information on Solid Phase Extraction.  I run an HP
6890 GC, 5973 MS with autosampler.  I have all of the equiptment needed
(evaporator, vacuum aparatus), what I need is recommended types of
tubes as well as appropriate solvent systems.  My work is with urine
based drugs of abuse.  Specificially, I'm looking for:
TCA's, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines(including methamp), barbs,
benzos, pcp, and methadone.  Any information would be greatly
appreciated, even if you can only point me in the right direction.
Please reply to CDennis99 at aol.com or CDennis at cascostandards.com

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