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Brian Sandle asks the question:

> How do glue boards work?

does "roach motel" ring a bell?  They're safe around kids and pets
although kind of messy if they're used as toys <g>.  We've used them in
our barn with mixed results. I checked them 2-3x/day and wacked anything
that got caught.  I wouldn't use them as a "set and forget" trap, too

> For mice I have used a tilting tunnel with trap door then into freezer.
> Does the cold produce much suffering?

Prolly more than C2O2 or CO2.  We use live traps in the lab and CO2 the
occasional mouse that escapes.  

My rodenticide of choice at home is our pack of 5 Norwich Terriers. 
They run around the barn while we do chores and get 1-2 mice/rats a
week.  Not very efficient but fun none the less <g>.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

> While in this group I mention my article on sci.bio.ecology - puffer fish.
> Changing world conditions may shift toxic creatures so look out for
> unexpected pooisonings.
> White Robbit
> Dodo Dolphin

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