Altay "yellow children", manganese- dependent hyperbilirubinemia.

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The Sources, nature and mechanisms of action of toxic factor, serve by the
reason of high level children diseases in Altay region (West Siberian) at a
period with 1989 on 1997.

Abstract of the report on a conference " Specifity of chemical etiology
diseases. Problems of detection, identification, diagnosis and treatment ".
December 9, 1997, Zelenоgrad, Moscow.

Authors: Alexey Phytin*, Juri Kliatski, Alexey Mokrousov,
Natalia Morozova.
Organization: Joint-stock"Research Center of Ecotoxicology", Moscow.
Financing: On facility of joint-stock "Research Center of Ecotoxicology".

	In the april 1989 year in two removed  from each other regions of Altay
Territory - Loktevskyi and Talmenskyi will begin be register newborn
jaundice of unclear etiology with high and  growing frequency (Fig. 1).
These jaundices had a haemolytic nature and was accompanied by the
reticulocytosis. The disease was accompanied by neurological clinic.
	Since 1990 such jaundice has become to be registered in other regions of
Altay Territory. Therapeutic treatment on symptoms gave a positive effect,
but did not decide problems as a whole. The children transferring disease
were characterized in slowed down physical development, violation of
function of kidneys and adrenal glands, and also inherent anomalies.
	Steady growth of frequency disease of the children on territory of Altay
at the moment proceeds. Numerous unsystemic and the expensive researches
have not revealed the true reason of disease up to the present of time. We
have assumed, that a basis pathological jaundice is physiological jaundice
and that biochemical and cellular mechanisms pathological jaundice should
be entered in the appropriate mechanisms physiological jaundice (Fig. 2).	
	In connection with quick and practically synchronous spreading a jaundice
and striking CNS on the territory of Altay we have expect that we deal with
polysyndromic disease of chemical etiology.
	Analysis of a spreading of diseases and morbidity of the children on
territory of Altay as and on adjacent territories for 1993-96 years has
allowed to make the following conclusions:
1) Level of diseases on a lot of nosological groups among the children on
territory of Altay is significant exceeds those for boundary territories
and continues to accrue, that testifies to a prolongation of an operation
of the source of toxic materials (diseases of organs of digestion including
gastritis,  duodenitis, functional upset stomaches, diseases of pancreas;
diseases to the urine-sexual systems; oncogenesis; endocrine system
diseases; obesity; inherent anomalies; perinatal period diseases; nervous
system diseases including epilepsy without psychic frustrations; blood
diseases and diseases of blood generating organs including anemias;
diseases of blood streaming system). For example see Fig.3 and Fig.4.
	2) Similar dynamics of distribution of the listed above nosological groups
for 1993-96 years has allowed us to refer them to different syndroms  of
the uniform chemical disease.
	Toxicological and pathogenesic analysis has shown, that the most
approaching toxic substance, chronic poisoning of which could explane
detected polysyndromic disease is a manganese.
	In drinking water of the artesian sources Talmenskyi and Kosihinskyi
regions of Altay, as well as in Barnaul we discovered supernormative
concentrations of manganese. Nor in one of the analysing surface sources
(rivers and lakes) supernormative concentrations of manganese is not
	We have assumed, that high concentrations of manganese in drinking water
is a result of rare coincidence of time of a realization of strong
underground nuclear explosion on a Semipalatinsk Polygon and earthquake
with 4,5 magnitude on 84 meridian on February 12, 1989. It is supposed,
that the interference of seismic waves from explosion and earthquake has
initiated in emerging trans-water-horizons perforations in area tectonic
burst, with consequent inflow of water of the lower horizons, containing
manganese in upper water horizons that use in drinking.

	Obviously, that established in the Altay region a situation requires an
immediate solution. But for acceptance of global solutions on liquidation
of the sources and the applications of the goal-directed methods of
treatment are necessary additional researches under the program offered our

	In connection with necessity of emergency completion of our investigation,
the Research Center of Ecotoxicology searchs for the sponsors for
realization of a closing stage of researches. The program of research and
report will be submit on reviewing of the sponsor.

*All correspondence should be direct: Alexey Phytin
Research Center of Ecotoxicology, Russia,119619, Moscow,
Borovskiy Pr., 6 - 36.		fax: (095) 152-82-85,  tel.: (095) 384-19-61
ecotox at glasnet.ru

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