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Mon Jan 19 14:09:05 EST 1998

We are deeply concerned about those of you who have been exposed to toxic 
chemicals, and may now suffer the effects.

Specifically, we are trying to locate anyone who suffered an  acute exposure 
or a prolonged exposure to the chemical  THIRAM.  This chemical is known by 
many different names, and we will include as many as we have been able to 
determine in this letter.

THIRAM has many uses  and  may be found in  many  industries, including and 
prodominately  in  the  rubber  production  industry,  as  well  as  in the 
Agriculture industries.   It  is an  excellerator for  rubber production,  and 
is used in pesticides,  funguscides,  and  as  a seed treatment.  THIRAM is 
also used in small doses  as a  deterant  for  alcohol  reabilitation.    
Anyone who drinks alcohol while using the THIRAM treatment will have  a  
violent reac- tion, curbing the desire for any alcohol consumption.

The symptoms of an initial acute exposure to THIRAM includes headaches, 
blurred vision,  slurred speach, lathergic reactions, burning of the nose and 
throat - especially due to an inhilation exposure - flushed skin, shortness of 
breath,  possible stomach pain,  and cramps.   Actually, the symptoms could 
very well be similar to the effects of an alcohol intoxication.

This is only the beginning.   The  prolonged effects become far more  severe. 
After the initial acute exposure,   the victim of   this toxic chemical  may 
well begin  to   experience  multiple  symptoms,   though  they  will  not   
occure imeadiately, and may in fact take months to  appear.  The first symptom 
you may suffer, and which seems to begin immediately or within a few days 
after exposure, are the headaches.    The headache   will   remain,    and 
will never completely go away -  quite severe at times,  though mild at other 
times.  The next warning   sign   the victim may begin to notice will be a 
feeling of weak- ness and fatigue.    There  will be an unexplainable lack of 
energy, even with the simplest of tasks.    Extreme  temperatures may well 
compund this weak-ness.  This symptom will appear   gradually,   and   may   
not   be  noticably apparent for   several  weeks   or   even months after the 
exposure.    As the weakness and fatigue increas, other symptoms  will  begin 
to compound the feeling of an illness.   Many have  mistaken  the  first few 
symptoms of this disorder for the flu.  Deep muscle aches and joint  pain will 
begin,  become more severe with time.  Gastrointestinal problems may begin, 
also becoming severe.  Chest pain,  shortness of breath,  sleep  disorders, 
along with  night sweats, and a low grade fever will follow.

Many  victims may well have undergone numerous medical exams, including C.A.T. 
scans, M.R.I., E.K.G. Ultrasound, upper and lower G.I., not to mention 
numerous blood tests.  All to no avail.  Some of you may even had a doctor 
sugest that you seek professional psycological help.  Others may even be 
undergoing treatment for Arthritis, though  these  treatments  will do little 
to aliviate the painful symptoms of this disorder   -   Be aware, emotional 
and mental stress will compound the symptoms of this syndrome.

The most distressing fact about this illness is that it is vertually 
undetectable through conventional medical testing, and is not widely 
recognized by most medical proffesionals.  This disorder is known as 
Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and it is very real.  Only a trained Rhumetologist 
familliar with the disorder may accurately and successfully diagnose this 
disease.  There is no known cure for Fibromyalgia, however, there is treatment 
which will curb the pain and discomfort.

The chemical,   THIRAM, is manufactured by many chemical companies around the 
world, including the Bayer "Asprin" Corporation.  Yes, that's right, Bayer.  A 
company which we have trusted with our health, and the health of our children 
for generations.

If you, or anyone you know are experiencing these symptoms, or have been 
diagnosed with   Fibromyalgia Syndrome,   and   have  been exposed to or 
suspect an exposure to THIRAM, please contact us immediately on our web sight, 
or through  our   E Mail.   For a list of the SYNS. and manufacturers trade 
names for THIRAM, contact our web sight at http:// floydnet.com/pat

You may also wish to access  additional  data concerning THIRAM and its uses, 
its toxic effects, and Hazardous materials regulations through the web.

Email pat at floydnet.com

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