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 I need your help!  I live in  Buenos Aires,Argentina=20
I am a  PhD specialized in haemostasis problems in newborns and =
prematures with low birth weight, a neonatal biochemist and  =
toxicologist .
May any of you tell me which is the best methodology of searching  and  =
quantifying pesticides in fat of human milk?.
In my country   I can only do this at the University  and they didn;t =
allow me to  do without any payments.
I work at a Public  Hospital our poblation is pregnant women with =
problems newborns and prematures all them of a high risk and our =
resources are as usual in any country in development : :(
so I  couln't afford alone the payment of chromatographics columns for =
pesticides which cost 1100 US dollars for each pesticide=20
but still I don;t know what is the methodology applied.
Worldwide is trying to teach mothers from countries in development that =
breastfeeding is the best for the babies health  I am trying to help  in =
having healthier children ..
Oh how could I explain my projects and sorrows =20
without any misunderstadings...
I am involved with polution problems in my country since I was 17 years =
now I am 42
I have made  research about Air polution on  the Capital State of Buenos =
Aires Argentina and  it was sent by a professor of  our University to =
Air Polution Congress that was held in Washington DC in 1980!
I am member of lactation group in my country and in contact with members =
of lactation of  USA I an active  member of IPC ( international =
Pediatric Chat) and leader of Spanish Pediatrics Live Education =
I do what I have to do for a better future for our children!!!!=20
Would anyone  give me some help? =20
if you think I need =20
 to be l entrained  in those  methodologies I  could travel for learning =
yours truly

Dra Susana Der Parsehian =20
International Pediatric Chat =20
Leader of Spanish Pediatrician's Chats
Hospital Materno-Infantil Ramon Sarda
parsegh at satlink.com =20
Buenos Aires=20


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