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The potential careers are limitless - working for the regulatory agencies,
academic research, industry (pharmaceuticals, (agro)chemicals etc) etc.
Each is interesting in its own way, it really depends on what you want -and
what's available at the time.

If you do a BSc in Tox and PhD, there's little point in doing an MSc, at
least in the UK where an MSc is usually a route from one discipline to
another - but the US and other countries may be different.

Financial reward is a difficult one. At the most altruistic level some
would say that it shouldn't be an issue, as long as you're doing what you
love. But then if you're a realist, or not some sad bastard and have a life
outside of work, then renumeration is an interesting question. It'll depend
on where you deploy your skills - academia is relatively poorly paid,
industry (can be) well paid. But that's variable.

At the end of the day, if you're really interested in the field of tox, and
it IS fascinating, jump in - the water's lovely!!
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