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You can make incredible money sending your own mass e-mails.If your computer is sitting 
idle while you're at work or play...your crazy! You could be earning money while your asleep,at 
work or out having fun. If you own your own business or have a product or idea to sell , then 
you probably know that all advertising works..it's just a question of whether it's cost effective or 
not. What could be more cost effective that a ZERO cost of advertising? If you sent out 500,000 
e-mails which would take you only a few minutes to set your computer up to do, and you only 
recieved one half of one percent response..that would be 2500 people responding to your ad. 
And the cost to do it was NOTHING. Junk e-mail is here to stay. So wouldn't it be nice to laugh 
every time you recieve a piece of junk e-mail from someone because you'll know for every one 
you recieve ,you're sending out hundreds of  thousands. If your computer is sitting idle while 
you're at work or play...your crazy! You could be earning money while your asleep,at work or 
out having fun. It's not like you have to sit there and watch it run!
     So why isn't every one doing it. Well, your local internet service provider spent lots of money 
installing filtering equipment to keep out this so called junk e-mail and in fact for years there's 
been sort of a fun little war going on between the junk e-mail software writers and the internet 
service provider filter software writers to see who could out smart who .The end result is that 
sending mass e-mails legally has become an art . But it's really all about knowing the secrets 
and having the right software.
      AVATAR Publishing is offering you the type of expertise and support that would take you 
years to learn. We know all the secrets (obviously or you wouldn't be reading this would you?) 
and we have the software to deliver to most of the internet service providers. So here's the 
offer... AVATAR is offering you a mass e-mail starter kit complete with step by step instructions 
on how to get started sending out mass e-mail...a current explanation of what's legal and not 
legal...how to extract e-mail addresses from the internet ...how to get targeted e-mail 
addresses...a FREE trial version of the most effective mass e-mail software program ever 
developed...a list of bulk e-mail friendly internet service providers....a complete explanation of 
the secrets of how to legally get your mail through the filtering and why it works....and finally a 
real telephone number so you can have technical support and keep updated on new 
developments in the mass e-mail community.The total cost of this kit is only  $29 
    If you would like to stop having you computer sit idle while your at work or asleep and start 
having it make money for you  .....   
                                                             Send $29  to:     AVATAR Publishing 
                                                                                          1000 E. Walnut St. 
                                                                                           Suite 213
                                                                                           Call (626)792-1764 
                                                                                           To Order Only  


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