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                               One of  A  Kind Children's Video

   " Christopher's  Magic" ……A video your kids will 
watch over and over…and never tire of.

      If your child doesn't like to go to go to bed at 
night…this video is for you!

      Welcome to the world of "Christopher's Magic".. in this 
first episode entitled "Bedtime Can Be Fun"  Christopher 
Doesn't want to go to bed(like most young children). He tells his 
father he is afraid of being left alone in his bed. The father 
explains that bed time can be fun….it's a time of dreams , 
wonder and imagination that Christopher can visit if he tries. As 
he falls asleep , Christopher and his stuffed bear travel to a 
magical and colorful toy store where he meets Joel Magician 
Extraordinaire , and Fuzzy, his puppet-like friend. Joel and 
Fuzzy teach Christopher about real magic and the magic of 
imagination and dreams. They create a series of magic tricks that 
end with a toy fire engine, a toy train and a toy jet. After each of 
these sequences, Christopher is magically transformed to 
experience and explore a real fire engine, a real train and to fly 
a real jet. Christopher and the children watching this video not 
only learn about magic, how trains, fire engines and jets really 
work …but that by experiencing these magic journeys everyone 
discovers that bedtime can be fun……

     Included with this one of a kind high quality video…your 
child or grandchild will receive ….Christopher's e-mail address 
where they can become pen pals and learn all about the making 
of this video ,computers ,sports or whatever interests them. 
Christopher is now 8 so there will always be adult supervision 
when e-mails are exchanged. This video is for ages 2 to 8 years 

     To order your "Christopher's Magic" video send $9.95 
including shipping to:
                                                                                           AVATAR Publishing 
                                                                                          1000 E. Walnut St. 
                                                                                           Suite 213


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