1) diphenhydramine overdose 2) marijuana burnout

Mark Williams markw at DC.NET
Thu Mar 5 07:53:11 EST 1998

Has anyone been involved with or heard of:  (1) a) cases where
diphenhydramine overdose survivors who undergo antidepressant therapy
have a much stronger reaction than normal to the antidepressant and
continue to suffer adverse effects from the drug long after
discontinuing it?  (1) b) cases where sleeping pill overdose survivors
develop problems with sleep? It seems there is very little known about
aftereffects from large benadryl overdoses (probably because in most
cases those who take large overdoses do not survive).  (2) Is anyone
aware of cases where patients who have apparently recovered from
cognitive "burnout" from marijuana exhibit a sensitivity to
antidepressants or other drugs, with lingering aftereffects? I would
appreciate any information you might be able to provide. Mark W.

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