Is Mercury toxic

Bart.Braeckman Bart.Braeckman at rug.ac.be
Thu Mar 19 16:19:25 EST 1998

Some interesting data can be found in Nr. 118 (Inorganic Mercury) of the
'Environmental Health Criteria'-series of the World Health Organization

This quote might be of some help:

"Liquid metallic mercury is poorly absorbed.  Some data indicate an
absorption of less than 0.01% in rats.  However, humans who accidently
ingested several grams of metallic mercury showed increased blood levels
of mercury (WHO, 1976).  Metallic mercury has been incorporated into
tissues after accidental breakage of intestinal tubes, containers, and
thermometers.  This has sometimes caused local tissue reactions with or
without signs of systemic poisoning (Geller, 1976).  The reason for the
different types of reactions is not known."

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