LC50 of Cd for Mytilus edulis ?

Bart.Braeckman Bart.Braeckman at rug.ac.be
Thu Mar 19 16:52:59 EST 1998

Hi Henk,

LC50 of Cd for Mytilus edulis?  Be careful with these LC50-values. They
are very dependent on the test situation (which influences the Cd
speciation).  Anyway, I found some data:

Mytilus edulis planulatis; static conditions; 18.5°C; salinity 32.9
promille; pH 7.9; Duration 96h ===> LC50: 1.62 mg/L. (Ahsanullah, 1976)

These data were found in a table (p. 68) published in: Environmental
Health Criteria part 135: Cadmium - Environmental Aspects  (World Health
Organization, 1992).

Some authors/articles that might interest you:

Fowler BA, Gould E (1988)  Mar Biol, 97, 207-216.
George SG (1983) Comp Biochem Phys C, 76, 53-57 and 59-65.
The group of Hemelraad & Holwerda (several publications in the eighties
and early nineties).
Roesijadi G, Klerks PL (1989) J Exp Zool, 251, 1-12.
Roesijadi G, Unger ME (1993) Aquat Toxicol, 24, 195-206.
Viarengo (some publications and reviews on heavy metal toxicity in
marine invertebrates)

I hope this can be of some help.

Bart Braeckman

Dept. Biology
University of Gent

PS: De openbare verdediging van mijn doctoraal proefschrift vindt plaats
op 30 april 1998 om 17:00u.  Ledeganckstraat 35 (Gent) in auditorium 3,
4 of 5. Onderwerp:"Studie van de toxiciteit van CdCl2, HgCl2 en MeHgCl
bij een insectencellijn (Aedes albopictus C6/36)".  Indien U
geinteresseerd bent, bent U van harte welkom.

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