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Guillermo Repetto repetto at cica.es
Mon Mar 23 18:44:22 EST 1998


The web-pages on Internet of the 

      GTEMA- Spanish Group on Alternative Methods 

are now located in a new server of the Spanish Toxicology Society

It is included information in Spanish and English about the group,
meetings,  links, validation activities, the two-year old distribution
list in Spanish, and many more.

If you are interested, please visit GTEMA pages at:


Best wishes

Guillermo Repetto, MD, PhD, 
    National Institute of Toxicology    P O Box 863    41080 -
    Sevilla, Spain Tel: 34 (9)5 437 12 33   Fax: 34 (9) 5 437 0262   
    email: repetto at cica.es  
Coordinator of GTEMA -  Spanish Group on Alternative Methods  
Moderador de TOXICOL- Foro de Toxicolog=EDa 

PS: The main objective of the GTEMA is to stimulate the 
cooperation and coordination of the scientific activities of its 
members to contribute to the development of new experimental methods, 
in vivo and in vitro, so as to reduce the number of animals used, 
refine techniques in order to reduce animal suffering, or replace the 
use of animals altogether (the three "r"s). Another aim is to 
stimulate the participation of Spanish research groups in method 
prevalidation and validation programmes and to promote the regulatory 
acceptance of alternative methods, particularly in vitro toxicity 

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