offer:CH4N2S BaCL2 Ba(0H)2 C3N6H6

slco at public.jn.sd.cn slco at public.jn.sd.cn
Tue Mar 24 01:41:26 EST 1998

We offer these products below:

thiourea    CH4N2S                             8000 tons per year
barium hydroxide(octahydrate) Ba(OH)2~8H2O     5000 tons per year
barium chloride    BaCl2~2H2O                 12000 tons per year
thiourea dioxide (formamidine sulfinic acid)   3000 tons per year
melamine (cyanuramide or cyanurotriamide)
    C3N6H6                                     10000 tons per year

Tel: 0086-0531- 6045116
Fax: 0086-0531- 6045156
E-mail: slco at public.jn.sd.cn

Address: No. 25 West Wenhua Road, Jinan, Shandong,  P. R. China .
Post Code: 250011

 Please contact with  Mr. Yao  Lee - Chem

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