Isopropyl Alcohol and aggravation of liver disease?

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Mon Nov 2 09:01:24 EST 1998

GoldShark!  What a great name for a lawyer!
Seriously there are medical links - just look.

In article <19981101213520.08013.00002495 at ng103.aol.com>,
  ggoldshark at aol.com (GGoldshark) wrote:
> I have a case where an internest is alleging that the patient's pre-existing
> liver disease, which was caused by heavy drinking, was aggravated by using
> cleaning
> supplies containing isopropyl alcohol.
> The patient is a native american who has allegedly been sober for 4 years.
> At this time, I have reviewed some MSDS sheets which indicate that isopropyl
> alcohol can aggravate liver conditions.  I have  not, however, been able to
> locate any literature regarding this issue.
> If you know of any literature regarding such, please respond with the
> and studies, or your opinion.  .  I have not been able to find a thing.
> Thanks a lot.  .
> ggoldshark at aol.com

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