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This news group is open for postings by anyone with a question or comment
that is related to toxicology. Those of you in the Americas and Pacific Rim
can post your questions or comments by sending e-mail to
toxicol at net.bio.net. Those of you in Europe, Africa, and Central Asia
should send e-mail posts to toxicol at daresbury.ac.uk.

TOXICOLOGY News Group Charter:

The TOXICOLOGY forum is a BIOSCI/bionet news group created for the purpose
of rapid information exchange between toxicologists and other researchers.
Appropriate topics for this forum include any kind of information that is
relevant to toxicology.

The toxicology news group will provide :
- a forum for the discussion of ideas, problems, and recent developments in
toxicological research.
- a means for obtaining research protocols, strains, molecular and chemical
- a means of developing collaborations between labs.
- a bulletin board for any announcements concerning meetings, congresses,
new informational databases, job announcements, etc., related to the
discipline of toxicology.

How do you access this and other news groups?  One way to participate is if
your institution's computer system subscribes to Usenet news and supports a
news reading program. Most university and government systems provide these
news services. You can read and post news via the Internet with "browsers"
such as the Netscape Navagator or Microsoft Explorer programs. You can also
obtain news group information by e-mail. The latter method is disfavored
because it increases the work load on the BIOSCI system, and because you
will get "junk" mail messages deposited on your computer. Reading news by
the former methods allows you to screen news contents and to examine only
what interests you. For more detailed information see the previous postings
from BIOSCI/bionet.

If you need help getting started with news reading, contact your
institution's computer system administrator or talk to your local computer
guru. Help and additional information regarding BIOSCI/bionet news can be
obtained by sending an e-mail message to biosci-help at net.bio.net or by
world wide web at http://www.net.bio.net.

I hope that all investigators, students, and others with an interest in
toxicology will participate in this news group.

Virtually yours,

Dr. Charles A. Miller, III,  rellim at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu
Toxicology News Group Discussion Leader
Dept. Environmental Health Sciences
Rm. 374 Center for Bioenvironmental Research
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Tulane University Medical Center
1430 Tulane Ave. Box SL29
New Orleans, LA 70112
Ph. 504-585-6942
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