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> hello everyone on    THE TOXICOL NET ,
>                     I am looking for an article about suspected effect
> of Cyanobacterial toxins on human health . If anyone had come to any
> recent papers or articles about this subject,
> Please contact me on allayl at uqu.edu.sa or send copy to my P.O.Box 8359
> Makkah ,
> Saudi Arabia .
>                                       Thank you for help me
> Dr. Khaled  Jamel Al-layl

Check out issues of the Lancet from August this year.  I can't remember
the exact issue, but there should be a paper on toxins implicated in
Caruaru Syndrome where quite a number of kidney dialysis patients who died
as a result of microcystins in their dialysis water.  There is also
another paper in (I think) the New England Journal of Medicine earlier
this year.  If you can do a medline search (or similar) search for the
authors Wayne W. Carmichael, Sandra O. Azevedo and Geoff Codd.  These
names should come up with the relevant references plus a few others.

Hope this helps.



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