toxicology question

Me chart at tezcat.com
Thu Nov 5 18:32:39 EST 1998

I'm hoping someone can help me, though I'm not sure this is the right place.
Anyway, here goes.

I have here a lab report which says a colormetric test was done on someone.
It reported a positive test for cocaine and THC.  The cocaine level was at
least 300 ng/ml, and the THC was at least 100 ng/ml.  There is no more


Should one be able to get more precise levels from a colormetric test?
Can it be said that the levels reported:

are intoxicating?
could be intoxicating?
are not intoxicating?
or it can't be said if they are intoxicating?

Or is this not an appropriate place for that question, and if not, where
would the appropriate place be?

Any help would be appreciated.

chart at tezcat.com

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