RTCS database

Boyd Reid Steere steere at mbi.ucla.edu
Sat Nov 14 17:06:00 EST 1998

As an academic researcher, I rely heavily on the availability of
toxicology data in the RTECS database not only due to its (now tenuous)
free access, but also because it contains information on compounds such
as bacterial toxins which are not available at all in the MSDS.  The
further commercialization of RTECS threatens not only the efficiency of
academic research, but whether it is even done at all.

> i encourage all in the toxicology community, especially
> u.s. citizens to protest the removal of the rtecs
> database from toxnet.  it seems to me that charging
> for access to data collected by a goverment agency
> funded with tax dollars is a form of double billing
> and adversly affects the research community.
> in this case i think it also hurts employee
> safety.
> contact pubstaft at cdc.gov

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