LETHAL R-134a concentrations from evaporator failure

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Tue Nov 24 15:38:55 EST 1998

Marc O'Brien <Mlobrien at btinternet.com> wrote in article
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: 	Been getting worse but started about 5 years ago. My heart has
: acquired a funny rhythm. It started off with me having the occasional
: painless sensation of what I might describe as a baby frog in the
: left of my chest making the odd kick. I stress there is absolutely no
: pain. These recent months my heart sounds and feels like this
: UM..ba-dum..ba-dum. Feeling my pulse the only evidence of all this is
: the frequent but infrequent, if you know what I mean, seemingly
: skipped beat i.e. thump..thump..thump..........THUMP..thump..etc.
: 	This irregularity only really occurs in the evening when I'm relaxed
: and perhaps more so after a meal. I will add that I have put on about
: 30Kg since I came to the UK from South Africa 4 years. If I have a
: beer or do some exercise then all is okay i.e. no irregularities
: evident.
: 	Yes, there have been occasions in the distant past when I've done
: gas welding in the presence of freon contaminated atmospheres
: inhaling acidy burnt freon by-products.
: 	My thoughts are too lose weight and get fit before going to a Doc
: and asking for a pace maker although I might want to do that back in
: South Africa rather, the UK medical services don't exactly inspire
: confidence a bit like their sport.
: 	Any comments or heart doners?

	Don't know how this got sent again, but I have long since found the
problem was a diet lacking many vital nutrients. So please ignore the
above. Most South African surgeons are coming to the UK anyway so
there's a relief :-)

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