Desperately seeking info re neural degeneration

Stephen B. Kimble xbow at worldnet.att.net
Sun Oct 4 20:19:44 EST 1998

my sister has been diagnosed
with multiple systems atrophy (MSA)
and cortical basal ganglionic degeneration (CBGD).

I get the Shy-Drager info and know about the
upcoming MSA conference in the Southeast.

My sis has been to John Hopkins in D. C.
and Mayo Clinic.

She and husband have lived and traveled
all over world.  He was in army early in
marriage then the past few years before
her illness presented she was in U.S.I.A. aka U.S.I.S.
They lived in South and Central America for years.

They traveled on vacation through Southeast Asia,
India, Europe......

Are there any toxins unique which may
not have been considered by the doctors
she has seen?
Inorganic toxins?

I have the LINKs for more toxicology info.
Could someone perhaps point me in the
direction of specific search words other
than the MSA and CBGD?

Jane Kimble
xbow at worldnet.att.net

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