1-benzyl-piperazine toxicology?

Bob Briggs bobriggs at worldnet.att.net
Mon Sep 7 12:39:14 EST 1998

Rhodium wrote in message <6t03g3$fbj$1 at sparky.wolfe.net>...
>I'd like to know any pharmacological and/or toxicological information
anyone might have on
>1-benzyl-piperazine, CAS [2759-28-6] for the freebase and [72878-35-4] for
the hydrochloride.
>I've already searched Altavista, Medline and Beilstein Abstracts to little
>Any help is much appreciated!
A CAS # search at http://chemfinder.camsoft.com takes you to Acros Organics
(Fisher Chem website) which provides an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
for 1-Benzylpiperazine.

It is a corrosive and hazardous substance which may cause severe irritation
and burns on skin and eye contact and when inhaled can cause chemical burns
to the respiratory tract.

For reasons not apparent to me, there are no studies reported on chronic
exposure effects, mutagenicity, LD50, teratogenicity, carcinogenesis,
reproductive effects or neurotoxicity.  It has no RTECS #, which indicates
that it is not scheduled for study.  Sounds like a wide open area for
toxicology research to me.

Bob Briggs

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