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Tue Apr 27 17:28:40 EST 1999

Please consider the following request  for  your website  and/or  for 
direct  distribution. I would like to remain low profile, yet give "Thirteen 
Stars Over Columbine" high visability.  

Dear Friends:

Our family has lived in Leawood for 10 years.  Our home is approximately 
3 blocks from Columbine High School.  Our oldest son graduated from Columbine 
last year.  Our youngest son attends Leawood Elementary.

The emotions of horror, disbelief and sadness of last TuesdayÕs tragedy, 
are uncomprehensible.  On our block alone there are five families who 
have been tragically affected.  Our neighborÕs daughter is dead,  another 
neighborÕs daughter is in serious condition, however because of the extent 
of her injuries, she will require ongoing physical therapy as well as 
being emotionally scarred for life;  another dear friend who works at 
the school was in the classroom with Mr. Sanders, the teacher who died;
next door, our close friend led one of the SWAT teams that entered the 
school; and several houses away, another neighbor resides who was in the 
library during the slaughter.  There are also a half dozen Columbine students 
on our block who have lost dear friends.

I have purposely left names off this message.  It has been a media frenzy 
in Leawood -- the vultures are everywhere.  I left for the office very 
early last Wednesday, and a reporter boldly stepped in front of my car 
in an attempt to interview me.  She shoved her microphone in my face and 
wanted to know ... Òhow do you feel about this tragedy?Ó  I declined in 
disgust and asked her to Òjust leave us aloneÓ.  I understand that this 
same major network predator started a door to door campaign in the Leawood 
neighborhood several hours later.  I expect that our community will be 
held hostage for many more days to come.  Leawood Elementary is still 
in a Òlock downÓ situation, having all the doors locked and a police officer 
on guard.  We have been told that this will continue until the end of 
the school year.

Our Leawood neighborhood is very tight knit.  There are perhaps 400 families 
here that have their children attending Columbine and Leawood.  My wife 
and others spent hours at Leawood school that tragic Tuesday answering 
the telephones and typing the names of the high school students on lists 
as the children arrived.  There is so much that I want to do to help, 
and right now anything I do seems so inconsequential.  However, after 
a great deal of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that I will 
use my strengths in the areas of people, technology, sales and marketing, 
and will focus on delivering a monetary support conduit directly into 
our community.  I have received numerous E-mails from associates asking 
if there is anything that they could do to help.  Now, I think I have 
an answer.  

I have chosen to support my community at the grass roots level.  It is 
going to take millions of dollars to even make a dent in the emotional 
and physical devastation of our community.  I am asking that monetary 
donations be made to either  ÒLEAWOOD ELEMENTARY PTAÓ or ÒCOLUMBINE HIGH 
SCHOOL PTSAÓ.  They are 501 C-3 organizations, so donations  are tax deductible, 
and since both are ÒvolunteerÓ based,   there are no ÒadministrationÓ 
costs.  Your money will be going directly to help the students, parents 
and families of the Columbine area.  

Friends, I hope that you will understand and respect my request when I 
ask you to please not fax or e-mail me about this tragedy.  I have truly 
appreciated all of your communications, but we need to grieve and maintain 
our focus on helping out our fellow community members.  I would like to 
thank you all in advance for your help.  Please also ask your friends, 
employers and others to consider helping the survivors of ÒThirteen Stars 
Over Columbine.Ó  

My thanks to all.


Please refer to JO# 9068CHS in your response.

13StarsOverColumbine at cmagroup.com 

Please make checks payable to either:

ÒLeawood Elementary PTAÓ or ÒColumbine High School PTSAÓ

Please mail your donations to:

"Thirteen Stars Over Columbine Fund"
C/O  US Bank
8441 West Bowles Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123  

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