Benzene - how dangerous is it?

lisse at saintmail.net lisse at saintmail.net
Wed Dec 15 18:43:01 EST 1999

How toxic is Benzene? 

What type of harm can Benzene do to the human body?

What part of the human body will Benzene causes most harm? Brain? Liver?
Lungs? Kidneys?

In what way Benzene damages human body via ingestion (eating), via inhaling
Benzene fumes (breathing), and via skin contact (touching)?

What will Benzene fumes do to people with asthma problem? Will it cause
asthmatic attacks?

Can anyone here tells me where to find the information, and can anyone
explain to me what level of "toxicity" Benzene really is?

Is Benzene explosive as well?

Please c.c. me a copy of your reply, because I do not subscribe to this



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