Benzene - how dangerous is it

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Tue Dec 21 21:03:50 EST 1999

Hi, Chuck.

Thanks for the info. I am also trying to find out the danger, in term of
toxicological evidence, for placing a gas station right next to a
primary school which houses more than one thousand of little school

If there is any toxicological study on such issue, I would very much
like to know about it. If you or anyone here know anything about this
issue, or if you have any suggestion, please feel free to tell me. I am
all ears.

Since I do not usually subscribe to this newsgroup, would you kindly
cc a copy of whatever you post on this and other related subject to me,
at lisse at saintmail.net, please?

Thank you again.


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> Hi Lisa,
> You can learn more about benzene and its toxic effects at
> http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/cxcx3.html
> For more information see the FAQ for the bionet.toxicology news group.
> Happy surfing.
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