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>While looking for a newsgroup on
>population control, I found your post
>requesting info on benzene.

>Benzene is a carcinogenic that causes
>cancer systemically (anywhere in body),
>it is dangerous to contact in any form.

>It is prevalent anywhere petroleum
>products are manufactured, such as
>leakage into ground water, thereby
>contaminating water supply.

>I have extensive info on this topic
>should you need more.

>Why are you so interested?  Does someone you know have cancer and do
>suspect benzene is the causative agent?


Thank you for writing to me, and thank you again for your willingness to
share your extensive info on the topic of Benzene contamination with me.

My online enquiry about Benzene was prompted by someone building a gas
station right next to a primary school building, which houses over one
thousand little schoolchildren.

At first I had only the fear of explosion (of the gas station) which
could injured or killed the schoolchildren studying in a building next
door, but when I was told that gasoline contains Benzene (among other
toxic chemicals), and Benzene has been shown to cause various types of
cancers, like Leukemia and bone marrow abnormalities, my concern
regarding the case where someone building a gas station right next door
to a school building only increases.

Right now, I am trying to gather all types of evidences, from the
explosive properties of gasoline (and cases of actual explosions of gas
stations as references), to toxicological studies of gasoline - and all
the chemical compounds that are found in gasoline - along with all the
research data that have indicated that chemicals like Benzene causes
cancers in human bodies.

I am trying to gather all these information so that I can show them to
the PTA of the school, the local council and all the related authorities
who have granted approval for someone (I am still tracking the identity
of the person) building the gas station.

All I know now is the gas station is going to be a Shell gas station,
and I have tried to obtain data from www.shell.com, regarding the
chemical make-up of their gasoline, but so far they have stonewalled me.

My concern is this - the students studying in that school building are
LITTLE KIDS, and they have to spend up to 7 hours in and around that
building _every_ school day, for at least six years of their lives.

Children's body are not as strong as adults, they are more supcetable to
all types of immunological diseases, and if gasoline somehow have
negative effect in human beings, I am worried that some students may
come down with some irrepairable ailment/diseases in the future.

To summarize what I am doing:

	I am trying to stop the building of
	a gas station which is located right
	next to a school building, and I am
	trying to gather all the information
	which can show the danger of placing
	a gas station right next door to a
	school building, including the toxic
	and carcinogenic effect of chemicals
	like Benzene.

Sir, I hope that you can help me, by providing me with whatever
information that you have. The more info I have to backup my claim that
gasoline station isn't a good neighbor to a school, the stronger case I
can make.

Would you help me, sir? I'd appreciate any and all help from anyone who

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

PS. Have A Great Year In 2000 !!

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