Dr.R.S.Rao rsrao at BLR.VSNL.NET.IN
Mon Feb 1 01:48:14 EST 1999


I wish to subscribe, to receive e-mail of discussion group. 

I have a query regarding, formulating compounds, to carry out acute and
subacute toxicity studies,through parenteral 
route,particularly,I.V route,in rodents. 

I wish to know what are the common vehicles and solvent used,for parenteral
route of administration(I.V and I.P)? What is the 
concentration and total amount of these can be administered,without causing
side effects? In order to achieve the high 
concentration required,especially to carryout acute studies,(particularly
the compounds which are not water soluable)what 
procedures to be adapted? 

I shall be thankful.if any one could help me in these aspects. 


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