E.M. Emmisions

Digital Warfare Dave at shitholespam.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Feb 3 17:48:03 EST 1999

Hi. I'm new to this group and to toxicology.. I have been set a task by some
one to investigate the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the human
body. While I am new to this specific topic, I have an excellent
understanding of Science and Physics.
    The topic is mostly on (yes, You guessed it...) Mobile phones and
similar devices. Thoughts tha have crossed my mind also, is tha you are at
the same risk, with other every day high power transmissions ( Radio
transmitters, etc..) that flood our enviroment with E.M.R., also the effect
of the Earths Magnetosphere on us.

            I hope that I will start a nice long chain, that will benifiet
everyones knoladge..

                                    Digital Warfare........


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